IANS 2021 Elections

Interested in becoming more involved with IANS? Here is how you can apply for the IANS Board of Directors for March 2021-March 2022!

Requirements to Apply: 
  1. Be enrolled in a state accredited nursing program
  2. Be enrolled in nursing school for at least 3/4 of your term on the board of directors
  3. Be in good standing academically

How to apply: 
  1. Review link on IANS Position Descriptions with special attention to the time commitment.
  2. Send IANS BOD Application to one of our NECs, Savannah Stafford at southdirectorians@gmail.com, or Danielle Sarracino at northdirectorians@gmail.com, by December 1st, 2020 to pre-slate, or you may be nominated on January 16th, 2021 to run from the floor.